At Ancient Grains Bakehouse we specialize in Einkorn which is the most primitive form of wheat. It is naturally drought tolerant and disease resistant. Einkorn is higher in protein, fiber, antioxidants, and carotenoids than modern wheat. It contains 50% less phytic acid than other wheats. It is a diploid wheat containing only 14 chromosomes compared to modern wheat which contains 42. Einkorn does not have the DD chromosome which has been linked to gluten sensitivities and may be easily digested by those who experience sensitivities to gluten*.

We use organic Teff for our gluten-free products. Teff is a resilient, drought tolerant, pseudo-grain native to Ethiopia and Eritrea. Its cultivation dates back over 6000 years. Teff is high in protein and fiber.

We mill all our own flour just moments before mixing for the absolute freshest and most nutrient dense sourdough products possible.

We make our products by hand with love❣️

All of our ingredients are Organic and sustainably grown. We use locally sourced whenever possible. SouthWinds Farm, C2 to Table, Leapin’ Lizard Acres Farm, Cochise Family Farm, and Sleeping Frog Farms are some of our local suppliers.

*Einkorn is not recommended for people who have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

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About Amy-

I have always loved good food and feeling good. Bread was always my favorite part of any meal. For years I didn’t realize how bread was affecting me. I loved going out and would often fill up on bread before my meal even arrived, but afterward had a notable swelling in my belly which came with intense pain. When I realized that bread was causing my discomfort, I cut out all bread and wheat products with instant relief. I spent the last 20 years avoiding wheat, and have been missing bread. I have still baked regularly for others, but even a taste and I would experience the same discomfort immediately. Recently I happened upon Einkorn and decided to give it a try. It was a challenge to bake with, and my first attempts were less than appealing. I began experimenting with sourdough and discovered that einkorn sourdough did not bring on any discomfort. I began baking einkorn sourdough for my family, then for friends, and now for the public, with consistent feedback that people feel good when they eat our Einkorn sourdough products. I enjoy seeing people light up with their first taste! 

Beyond baking, I have a Holistic Health Care Practice,, I practice and teach multiple Energy Healing modalities and am a Certified Nutrition Coach. I teach cooking and sourdough baking classes for all levels. I am also an artist and work exclusively with porcelain. I am a member of International Ceramic Artists Network and Southern Arizona Arts Guild. Find me on Instagram @amyjoriginals.

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